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Unlocking Potential

Research consistently shows older people as extremely valuable volunteers; they are more likely to offer long term commitment, give greater number of hours and provide more flexibility than other age groups (Making the Connection: Report 2, Volunteer Now, 2011). Greater numbers of older people getting involved in volunteering represents a huge resource for the community in Northern Ireland. Volunteer involvement can be a vehicle for empowering older people to have a stake and a say in their community. In particular, volunteer involvement can offer an alternative role identity for people who are moving out of the workforce and into retirement. We know that as people become settled into retirement it can become increasingly difficult to engage them in this type of community activity, especially if they have had no previous experience throughout their life time (Making the Connection: Report 1- Volunteer Now, 2009).

We need to unlock this potential by increasing awareness of the benefits of volunteering, the contribution made by volunteers and encourage more older people to find the ‘one good reason’ to volunteer. Click on the 'search now' button above to get started!

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