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25-30 May: Bluesberry Festival

Opportunities available for volunteers aged 14-25 with the Bluesberry youth events in Warrenpoint :)


Now in its 18th year, The Blues on the Bay Festival’ started out with only 20 gigs and has now progressed into one of the World’s most popular blues festivals boasting over 90 gigs. The festival organisers have always stuck to the principal of it being a ‘musician’s festival’ and it is the music that has always been its key to success. Similarly, as the event is a not-for-profit voluntary project, costs to festival goers has always been great value-for-money. Over the years, artists like Van Morrison, Peter Green, Paul Jones and Dr Feelgood have appeared in small intimate venues.


The Festival runs over five days and offers a variety of concerts and music workshops. The Bluesberry festival in the park offers a variety market with outdoor performances over the weekend, ideal for families, children and young people. However, we feel that there’s a need to cater for young people aged 12-17 and offer dedicated events that will appeal to that age group.

The festival takes place over a bank holiday and attracts a lot of young people to the town of Warrenpoint, which is great to see and contributes to the “festival” atmosphere. In the evening, however, whilst adult festival goers are safely enjoying the music, young people are unable to participate in the festival as it takes place in establishments where the minimum age for entry is 18. This may lead into unsafe, unhealthy choices, at times antisocial behaviour and put young people at risk.

We believe that it’s time to have a dedicated event(s) for young people 12-17 and see this as an opportunity to engage with young people in the area. A project led by young people, for young people, with the support of mentors, can be a real success.

For more information about the festival, visit bluesonthebay.co.uk


These opportunities are available to volunteers aged 14-25 only. To apply, click on the link below:

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