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28 Apr - 1 May: Festival of Fools

Join our team of hearty volunteers and stalwart festival aficionados

120 Shows across Belfast City Centre

The main bit is a four day international street theatre festival right across the centre of Belfast. Top street artists from around the world and from Belfast too, give more than 120 performances over the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend. The emphasis is on comedy - the more physical and surreal, the better. The Festival started as a response to 30 years of Troubles and set out to promote shared experience; to show that Belfast City Centre could be a modern European city; using humour and laughter to break down barriers.

For more information and festival programme, visit foolsfestival.com


We need volunteers to help with each day of the festival (28 April - 1 May) or preferably for the whole weekend. Either way we welcome your time and support, our volunteers are the heart of the festival. 

What you'll be involved in:

- Supporting our acts, taking them around the city and helping them setup
- Moving & setting up our technical gear at each venue each day
- Helping manage and keep our audiences' safe
- Guiding our audiences to the different venues
- Asking audiences for feedback & thoughts on this year's festival.

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