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Welfare Reform Proposals for Job Seekers that is Relevant for Volunteering

18 June 2013

Welfare benefit reform proposals relevant to Northern Ireland and which refer to volunteering are proposed as part of the new Universal Credit system which forms part of the overhaul of the welfare system in the UK.Volunteer Now has developed a briefing paper which has set out the main proposals from the new Universal Credit System which are relevant to volunteering.

Universal Credit is the new welfare benefit for people looking for work or on low incomes. This new system is scheduled to go live in Northern Ireland in April 2014. Volunteer Now has developed a briefing paper which has set out the main proposals which are relevant to volunteering, their possible implications and an update on our current understanding of the implementation plans.

The new system goes fully live in England in October 2013 and is currently being piloted in four geographic there.

 As more information becomes available from these pilots and exact implementation strategies are made public, Volunteer Now will provide further updates and organise information sessions. This is likely to be early autumn.

In the mean time access to the Briefing Paper is available from the following link-http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/fs/doc/publications/briefing-paper-universal-credit-may-2013.pdf