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Unblurring the Boundaries? Volunteering and other forms of unpaid work

12 August 2013

Volunteer Now has just completed a new discussion paper which explores some of the current issues with defining volunteering against other forms of unpaid work.  

Much of the energy from those supporting volunteer management good practices over recent years has been to ensure a clear distinction is made between volunteers and paid staff. As increasing numbers of volunteer involving organisations involve other forms of unpaid worker it is important to analyse the similarities and differences between them. This includes how organisations can distinguish between them, if and why it is important to do so and what significance it has in terms of policy and practice.  

This is a working paper which does not presume to have all the answers or to have covered all angles of the debate. However, it is intended to encourage conversation. Please feel free to put your point of view or experiences across on this matter in the civic engagement page of the Volunteer Now website. A copy of the discussion paper is also available at this link under ‘additional materials’ http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/civic-engagement