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SVA, ASR Updated Versions Now Available

13 December 2013

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, A Shared Responsibility UPDATED VERSIONS NOW AVAILABLE

Volunteer Now was commissioned by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) to develop minimum standards and guidance for organisations working with vulnerable adults in the voluntary, community and independent sectors. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, A Shared Responsibility was first published in 2010 and includes 8 sections, each containing a standard and supporting guidance.

The publication has recently been updated in line with changing legislation and your organisation can now download the updated edition from ourwebsite by clicking on the links below.  A supporting resource pack and safeguarding vulnerable adults self assessment checklist are also available for download. The resource pack contains all of the templates included in the publication which your organisation can use or tailor to suit your needs. The checklist will allow your organisation to assess where it is in relation to each of the 8 safeguarding standards and identify areas which may require further development.

Full colour version

Easy print version

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

Section 7

Section 8


Resource Pack

Self Assessment Checklist