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Volunteer Now welcomes Bahrain

20 June 2014

Volunteer Now Youth Team with The Youth Pioneer Society from Bahrain

Volunteer Now welcomes The Youth Pioneer Society from Bahrain to participate in a talk about volunteering and the benefits of volunteering on youth and society. Their mission statement is to emphasize the potential capabilities and capacities of Bahraini youth, enriching their skills in a rapidly changing world through dissemination and application of knowledge. With Volunteer Now’s extensive experience with the issues relating to volunteering within Northern Ireland, It was a great opportunity to share views on how we can develop volunteering within our respective communities and culture. Highlighting that volunteering is not only local but international. CEO of Volunteer Now, Wendy Osborne OBE, gave a break down of Volunteer Now and the impact of volunteering on Northern Irish society. The Youth Team discussed issues such as the value of young volunteers, the value of recognition through the Millennium Volunteer programme and the benefit of volunteering as a platform to further education and employment.


The Youth Pioneer Society Bahrain