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27 October 2014

Do you support young volunteers in your organisation or thinking about involving young people as volunteers?

Young People and Volunteering: The Essentials is designed specifically for people, whether in a paid or unpaid role, that support and work with volunteers under 25 years old.

Recruitment, selection, support and management of young volunteers can be a lot different to working with adult volunteers. It brings a whole different set of skills and ways of working into play!

This FREE workshop is for anyone who supports young volunteers in their organisation. This course will explore key principles in the development and promotion of volunteer opportunities for young people, good practice in recruitment and selection and a range of effective and appropriate methods for the support and management of young volunteers.

The workshop will also help you develop your own youth volunteer programme action plan and provides an opportunity to share experience, both the highs and lows of working with young volunteers, with colleagues in your field.

  • Effective Recruitment of young volunteers

What opportunities do you have on offer for young volunteers and how do you get the message out there? This session provides opportunity to identify and develop a range of exciting roles for young people and explores effective and creative methods to promote and market them.

  • Managing and Motivating young volunteers

How do you keep young volunteers happy once they start volunteering? This session focuses on the development of good practice in your organisation to ensure that young volunteers are supported and supervised. The session also explores a range of volunteer management issues, such as developing a code of conduct and problem solving procedures, managing difficult situations and ongoing learning and development opportunities for young volunteers.

  • Young volunteering and the wider organisation

How well are you doing and how safe are your volunteers? This session looks at the wider issues in your organisation such as how the Child Protection policy applies to young volunteers, the support you provide them, the importance of providing a safe volunteering experience and the development of risk assessments for young volunteer roles. A number of effective volunteer programme evaluative methods are explored and there is opportunity to benchmark your current practice and identify actions against the UK quality standard for organisations that involve volunteers.

FREE PLACES STILL AVAILABLE on the following workshop dates:

Wednesday 12 November 2014 - Newry City Library

Thursday 20 November 2014 - LDerry Central Library

Places are FREE but limited!

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