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Child Protection and Safeguarding Learning and Development Strategy 2014-2017

03 December 2014

The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland (SBNI) has launched the draft 'Child Protection and Safeguarding Learning and Development Strategy 2014-2017 for targeted consultation and Equality Screening.

The Learning and Development Strategy 2014-2017 is fully informed by the SBNI’s Strategic Plan 2013-2017 and its vision statement, function and values. This Strategy and Framework is also one of the SBNI’s Business Plan priorities - 3: ‘Providing leadership and setting direction’, 3.2 (b) ‘To develop a multi-agency education and training strategy to ensure that training is delivered effectively and consistently across member agencies’.

The aim of the strategy is to contribute to the improvement of child protection and safeguarding in Northern Ireland by establishing a benchmark for organisations that sets out the key minimum learning outcomes to equip staff and volunteers with the skills, knowledge and competence to promote the safety and well-being of children and young people, within the remit of their roles and responsibilities. 

Organisations have an opportunity to comment on the strategy through this public consultation, which will end on 14 January 2015.  For further information and access to the draft strategy and consultation questionnaire see below:

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