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Free Recycling Workshops & Information Sessions

21 January 2015

Find out more about how changes to local government may change how your bins are collected

From 1st April there will be changes to Local Government with Belfast City Council getting bigger. We are keen to make sure we engage with the community in these new areas as much as possible to ensure we are providing all the information they need when the changeover happens. In some areas there will be changes to the way the bins are collected and we can visit groups or be present at meetings to make sure people have the opportunity to ask questions. We will also have teams knocking the doors of new households to provide all the information needed at this time. We will be focussing on visiting adult and young adult groups (or those that are in charge of the bins in the household). We have a team of 5 officers so we hope to be able to visit many of the new groups in the months ahead.

This is a free service within the Belfast City Council boundary and we can do anything from a formal talk, a practical workshop, a friendly chat over a cuppa, or if it suits better we can set up and staff an information point.

We can visit all adult groups including:

         Parent and Toddler groups

         Seniors groups

         Men’s groups

         Women’s Institute

         Mothers Union

         Lunch Clubs

         Craft clubs

         Gardening clubs

We can also provide short articles on recycling for your newsletters and/ or websites.


For more information or to book a talk for your group, please contact:

wasteeducation@belfastcity.gov.uk  - freephone (from a landline) 0800 032 8100