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HSC Change Day

06 March 2015

HSC Change Day is almost upon us! It's on 11 March 2015 if you haven't already heard!

HSC Change Day is a day in the year where you can make a pledge to do something to improve the services offered to HSC service users and patients. You can 'turn a whinge into a way' or 'do something better together', remembering that 'lots of small actions add up to something big'.

Your pledge can be anything from making a pledge to donate blood, conducting that quality improvement project you've always wanted to do or utilising the power of social media to improve your practice.

And anyone can make a pledge. By they healthcare workers, domestic staff, social workers, patients, service users, members of the public or any other interested party.

You can get involved with HSC Change Day by holding an event on the day - simply contact the HSC Change Day team at adalby01@qub.ac.uk with your idea and we will assist you in coordinating the event.

You can find out more about HSC Change Day and make your pledge at www.hscchangeday.com.

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