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Preview Opening of Mount Stewart House

08 April 2015

Volunteer Now had the pleasure of attending the preview of Mount Stewart House and witnessing the restoration outcome in all it's glory.

This 3 year conservation project began in 2012 and in April this year this neo-classical house will be officially re-opened to the public. National Trust manager, John Kerr hopes that by transforming the house and all it's historical content to it's former splendour, the destination will become a National Trust destination that is not to be missed. The house itself and its extensive woodland and gardens is a window into the past offering a fascinating insight into the stories of the Stewart family.

"Mount Stewart is an extraordinary place and it deserves to be safeguarded and protected for many generations to come. " (John Kerr)

It has been estimated that the project will boost annual visit members from 160,000 to 250,000 per year and so Mount Stewart with the help of Volunteer Now are seeking exuberant members of the public to become house guides, sharing all the historical stories to visitors and bringing this magnificent property to life.

The house and it's surroundings have many tales to tell and this piece of history should be shared. The role offers any passionate volunteer a sense of belonging and allows them to interact with the public and shed some light on the enchanting building and Lady Londonderry herself.

Edith was said to have been a visionary, designing an imaginative getaway at Mount Stewart House and garden and her unique sense of style has been preserved so wonderfully by the conservation team and hard working volunteers in terms of the building and gardens. Now that completion is near, her life and many stories should also be preserved by people equally as imagivative and enthusiastic.

So why not volunteer for this role and quickly become part of a dedicated team of historical story tellers, there is also a range of other volunteer roles available at Mount Stewart.

All training will be provided. To find out more, please speak to any team member or email volunteeringmountstewart@nationaltrust.org.uk or call 02842788830.

Mount Stewart House