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SOS Bus Needs Your Help!

15 June 2015

For the next 5 weeks SOS Bus is desperately trying to raise the shortfall of 3,000 towards the cost of a new SOS Response Minibus to help those who are vulnerable and alone...

First Crowdfunding Challenge for SOS Bus from Mon 8th June until Mon 13th July 2015.SOS BUS NI photo

SOS Bus operates on the streets of Belfast from 10pm until 3am each Friday and Saturday night/morning; however our busy period is when the pubs and clubs begin to close from 1am until 2:30am.

When SOS volunteers take a vulnerable person home or to hospital, our Response Team minibuses can be out on that call for 40 minutes or more this means we can often miss a call from someone in desperate need. This could leave the caller or their friend lying on the streets in all weathers, in a crisis and very exposed - and it could so easily be someone you know…

The solution

We need a new Response minibus to help more people to find a refuge and get home safely.

Crowd funding is when lots of people contribute a small amount of money to a cause they care about over a set time period. A great deal of income can quickly be generated without it hurting any of us financially, with you generously contributing just 5, 6, 10 or more we can achieve our goal and help save lives.

Pressure on Public Sector Services

The current pressures on the public sector and the emergency services in particular within Northern Ireland have been well documented in recent months.  If anything, these pressures are likely to increase in the coming years, potentially impacting on public safety. For Belfast to be a vibrant community where people want to live, work, study or visit it is vitally important that the City is not only a safe place but one where people feel safe.  Having a visible SOS volunteer presence on the ground will help to achieve this.

How much do we need?

With the help of our friends we can buy a new minibus for just 10,000 but we’re presently short just 3000 and we are asking you to help us raise the difference towards the purchase.

If 600 people each donated just 5 we can make it!

How can you help to make a real difference - Visit our Website at www.sosbusni.com

Starting Monday the 8th June and running for just 5 weeks we will be asking everyone we know including our Board and staff, our present and past SOS volunteers, our families and friends, our work colleagues and contacts to consider donating to this great cause. We are asking you to help by both personally donating and then passing this message on to as many friends and contacts as you can.

To DONATE please follow this link: https://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/sosbuyabus/

Help our SOS volunteers support the vulnerable and lonely in our city, making Belfast a safer brighter place for us all.

Thank you
Joe Hyland