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People and Communities NI

22 June 2015

The Big Lottery Fund are opening a new funding programme called People and Communities in January 2016.

Tell them how they should shape it to best support local groups to make great changes in their communities.

People and Communities will open in January 2016 with a budget of 60 million for communities in Northern Ireland.

They need your ideas, knowledge and examples to understand how this programme could support you to make great changes that improve people's lives and communities. They’re asking you to come back to them by 30 September 2015 so they can reflect on what you have told them before the programme opens. However, they want to keep listening to you and will reflect as change happens over the next five years.

The programme aim will be ‘People work with their communities to bring about positive change’. They anticipate that this aim will allow groups to support people to make changes that improve their lives; and allow communities to build on their strengths and share learning.

They want local people to have a greater say in making these changes. This programme will build on the existing strengths, skills, assets and energy within communities. They want to work with you as this new funding programme develops, to share ideas, knowldge and examples of what works - and they are starting that conversation now.

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