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Alert for charity registration applicants: Update to the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland's online application form

29 February 2016

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland is developing an updated online charity registration application form, which is expected to replace the current online form towards the end of April 2016 (date to be confirmed as soon as possible).

In order to minimise the impact of the change on organisations which have been called forward to register, the Commission is strongly encouraging all current applicants who have been called forward, to complete and submit their registration application before 31 March 2016.

Please keep an eye on their website for information on when the update will go live.

Information saved on applications which have not been submitted before the update goes live will be lost and the organisations will have to begin their application again, using the updated online form.

If you have begun your application but cannot complete before the update, they would advise you to print or save a copy of this information for use in your new application.

The updated form, which will offer a more user friendly and intuitive system, will request the same information and documents as the current application. However, the overall look of the form and the flow of the questions will change.

If your application deadline falls after the update, you will still be able to apply for registration after this date using the updated online form by issuing yourself with a new password.

The Commission will also be updating its registration guidance to reflect the changes which will be made to the form, including publishing new application screenshots as soon as they are available.

However, as the information and documentation currently requested will not change, the Commission's current registration guidance will remain an important support for all applicants both before and after the update.

To access the Commission's frequently asked questions and answers relating to the update, please see http://www.charitycommissionni.org.uk/manage-your-charity/registration-support/registration-application-update-faqs/

Alternatively, if you have a further query which is not answered in the FAQs, you can contact the Commission using the details below.

Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
257 Lough Road
BT66 6NQ


Email: admin@charitycommissionni.org.uk

Tel: 028 3832 0220
Fax: 028 3834 5943
TextPhone: 028 3834 7639

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