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Planning for the Future: How Should We Look After Our Older People?

16 March 2016

This event is part of the Imagine Belfast Festival.

Planning for the Future: How Should We Look After Our Older People? is taking place on Wednesday 16th March 2016, from 10am - 12.30pm, at Ulster University, at the Belfast Campus.

We are really determined to get as many older people involved as possible, as we believe their views are paramount in shaping health and social care provision in the future.

This interactive workshop will consider the situation where the majority of Northern Ireland's population is aged 65 and above. The aim of this event is to ignite people's imagination to develop ideas which could support Northern Ireland's fast-growing population of older people. 

Following tea and coffee, we will begin with a short presentation providing an overview of current health and social care policies for older people, this will be provided by the Assistant Director of Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care Board, Kevin Keenan. 

Participants will then be divided into teams and will have around 40 minutes to brainstorm health and social care policy ideas that could be introduced to support and benefit older people in Northern Ireland. Each team will be asked to present their policy ideas in front of an expert panel who either make or significantly influence policy within the field of health and social care; the event will close with the panel commenting on whose ideas they think are most feasible in practice.

Panel Members:

Evelyn Hoy, Chief Executive, Commissioner for Older People

Gill Smith, Assistant Director, Transforming Your Care

Dr. Ann-Marie Gray, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, Ulster University

Dr. Gemma Carney, Lecturer in Social Policy, Queens University Belfast

For further information, or if you would like to come along, please contact:


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