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Safeguarding Board Launches Child Safeguarding Learning & Development Strategy 2015-2018

11 April 2016

The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland has launched a new strategy aimed at ensuring safeguarding training is delivered effectively and consistently by all of its member agencies.

SBNIThe multi-agency strategy will equip staff and volunteers with the skills, knowledge and competence to promote the safety and well-being of children and young people, within the remit of their roles and responsibilities. 

Speaking at the launch at Radar NI on Thursday 7 April, James Marshall, Chair of the Education and Training Committee from SBNI explained: “The strategy and associated framework was developed by the SBNI’s Education and Training Committee and builds upon existing good safeguarding training.

“It sets minimum training standards and provides a graduated framework, on four levels, for agencies to use when planning and delivering safeguarding training in Northern Ireland. It also provides an opportunity for member agencies to improve opportunities for inter-agency and multi-disciplinary training and education over the next three years.

He added: “Safeguarding is everyone’s business and the new strategy contributes to making this a reality. It promotes the importance of effective single and multi-agency child protection, education and training and includes advice on; training planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation.

“When used by member agencies, it will improve their ability to ensure that their staff and key personnel have good quality, up to date, safeguarding training. This should enhance the safeguarding of children and young people in Northern Ireland. I am very pleased that the strategy is already being used by our member agencies and partners.”

Detective Chief Superintendent George Clarke, Head of the PSNI’s Public Protection Branch, added: “The PSNI is committed to safeguarding children and young people and we welcome the publication of this strategy which further builds on our current safeguarding training.

“It is vital that we all work together to protect children and young people and this strategy will form an integral part of our approach to engaging with them.”

The strategy can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

SBNI Learning & Development Strategy 2015 - 2018

For further information in relation to SBNI, please contact: Joanne McCloskey Tel: 02890 690418 Email: joanne.mccloskey@hscni.net

For further information in relation to PSNI or to arrange an interview with Detective Chief Superintendent George Clarke, Head of the PSNI’s Public Protection Branch please contact: PSNI Corporate Communications Department Tel: 02890 700084.


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