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European Voluntary Service (EVS)

11 April 2016

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is the wonderful European Commission programme which encourages international volunteering for young people.

Now celebrating its 20th year, EVS has enabled Northern Ireland to be involved in the hosting and sending of hundreds of young people from and to countries across Europe and beyond. Placements are up to 12 months in duration and the long-term nature of the volunteering brings added benefits to volunteers, organisations and their local communities. Supported by a co-financing grant for organisations, EVS is virtually free for volunteers. EVS is part of Erasmus +, the EU's programme for international learning in education and training, youth and sport.

If your organisation feels it could benefit from involving a long-term, full-time international volunteer or would like to offer an international experience to some of the young people it already works with, there is lots of support available. Training such as Get Going on EVS 25-29 May 2016, Swords Co. Dublin, are funded by the European Commission and provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the programme in an international environment, with delegates from across Europe.

If you are interested but unable to commit to the time involved for such a training, Mary Hegarty in Bryson Charitable Group (mhegarty@brysongroup.org) is happy to inform and support organisations and potential volunteers in Northern Ireland.

Further information about how to access EVS opportunities is also available from Ashleigh Axiak, Grants Manager at the Erasmus+ UK National Agency: ashleigh.axiak@britishcouncil.org