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Volunteers' Week Day 8 - Event Volunteering

08 June 2016

Claire McRoberts volunteers with Volunteer Now's Events team

Here's Claire's story:

"Brought up in a family where volunteering was the norm, in youth and sporting organisations I became involved in volunteering from my teens. I always defined my volunteering in terms of what I could contribute to an organisation or just to people to make a difference.  I followed this sense of a vocation to work alongside people and trained as a Social Worker/ Probation Officer.

18 months ago I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and my world turned upside down. As a Manager with the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, and my children grown, I was just starting to re focus on my career and where work fitted with my work/ life balance. I had to face early retirement on health grounds and had lost my sense of self. I realised how important work was in defining who I was.

I am now in transition to my new 'normal'. Volunteering is a huge part in holding my hand through that transition.  Volunteering has been hugely significant in helping me feel useful and still have a purpose and value.  Now stable and in remission, I have to manage my condition.

I became involved with Volunteer Now before I became ill, with WPFG and had a fab experience.  I have continued with the Ambassador Team in The Giro, Tall Ships, Gran Fondo and IFEX. I love the sense of family and community amongst the group of volunteers and with the Volunteer Now staff group.

I can now redefine my understanding of the impact of my volunteering not as before just in terms of my contribution to others but also in what I receive back, in terms of being useful, a sense of worth and value, and also a sense of being able to use 30 years of professional skill. It is helping me get back my sense of self."

Photo: Events Volunteers at the Giro d'Italia Gran Fondo (Claire is pictured far right)

Would you like to be an Events volunteer?

Volunteer Now have recruited and trained volunteers for a range of events including the 2011 British Transplant Games, 2012 Irish Open, 2013 World Police and Fire Games and recently the 2014 Big Start Giro d'Italia, along with the Giro d'Italia Gran Fondo in 2015 and 2016.

For more information about Event volunteering, contact events@volunteernow.co.uk

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