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Befriending Week 2016 - Sally and Amelia's story

31 October 2016

Befriending Week runs from 1-7 November and has two aims: to raise awareness of the issue of loneliness in our society, and to promote the great work of befriending services.

Here’s Sally & Amelia’s story:

Amelia visits Sally every Thursday evening to provide company, friendship and also allow Sally’s husband to attend a meeting in his church.  Sally has several health problems and her husband is her main carer.  Sally has fallen many times in the past and her husband is reluctant to leave her at home alone but now with the support of Amelia he can go out safe in the knowledge that she has company and if anything did happen he would be notified immediately.

Sally and Amelia have struck up a great friendship and both of them look forward to their Thursday evenings together.  Sally says Amelia has a lovely smile and when she walks through the door with that smile and her youthfulness she brings sunshine into her home.

Amelia said that friendship has no age barrier and she feels blessed to have met Sally.

Ways to tackle #loneliness and volunteer as a Befriender:

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