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Befriending Week 2016 - Isobel & Regina’s story

02 November 2016

Befriending Week runs from 1-7 November and has two aims: to raise awareness of the issue of loneliness in our society, and to promote the great work of befriending services.

Here’s Isobel & Regina’s story:

Regina visits Isobel each week to provide a friendly face and good conversation as Isobel only leaves the house to attend healthcare appointments.  Isobel’s husband now lives in a nursing home as it became impossible for her to care for him as his dementia progressed and her health deteriorated and she misses him greatly.  She has 2 children who keep in contact regularly but live overseas.

Regina visits each week and Isobel loves to see her coming and says they get on like a house on fire.  Isobel loves to talk and has great stories to tell and Regina loves to hear them and has told her she should write a book.  Isobel laughs and says that she feels sorry for Regina when she leaves because her ears must be ringing!!

Ways to tackle #loneliness and volunteer as a Befriender:

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