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Counselling Scholarship for Volunteers

07 February 2017

Belfast Cognitive Therapy Centre is the sole British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited counsellor/ therapist training programme in Northern Ireland.

We greatly admire voluntary workers and therefore wish to offer a 1500 scholarship to one volunteer, who works with a registered charity or community organisation helping others, to begin to train professionally on our Certificate in CBT

The certificate is an introductory 12 week course which attracts entrants who wish to train professionally one day. It also attracts those who have no formal qualifications who wish to learn about CBT as well as use the skills learnt to enhance their supportive work done in the local community.

Trainees attend each Saturday from September - December 2017 and will meet with other friendly and helpful peers and training staff who also strongly believe in the value of self-help, empathy and voluntary work.

Closing date for applications - Wednesday 23rd August 2017 at 5pm.

We are also offering a scholarship to PG/Dip applicants who wish to train professionally as an accredited therapist. The P/G Dip scholarship is for the first year of the two year P/G Diploma course and is worth 5332. We want to reward volunteers in local charity / voluntary organisations by contributing towards their professional training fees, giving them the opportunity to train professionally so that they can continue to help others to the best of their ability. Entrants need a pure psychology degree and evidence of having worked in a registeredcharity caring for others. 

The successful applicant will have made the maximum impact for helping other people. On the course you will learn the childhood influences which help make us what we are. You will also be professionally trained to understand common client difficulties such as how to assess and to understand depression, panic, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and other common client difficulties.

Closing date for applications - Friday 25th August 2017  

If you would like more information we run seminar evenings for those who are interested in training at BCTC, the next of which is coming up soon on Thursday 9th March from 6–8:30pm and Thursday 8th June from 6–8:30pm or check out http://www.belfastctcentre.com/scholarship-offers-/

You can find more information and an application form at www.belfastctcentre.com or telephone 028 9065 0060