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Befriending and Mentoring

Volunteer Befriending

Volunteer Now provides a range of volunteer befriending, driving and practical services for the most vulnerable and isolated older persons in the community.  This has been funded by Belfast Health & Social Care Trust and its predecessors for over 16 years.

One to One Befriending Service

Volunteer Now’s Belfast befriending scheme supports older people mainly  in South and East Belfast and Castlereagh who are socially isolated or ‘at risk of social isolation’ by providing a volunteer befriender to visit them in their home on a regular basis to provide company and have a chat.  Our clients are vulnerable older people who may have become isolated due to ill health, bereavement or lack of family support. Having a volunteer befriender can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and low mood and give an older person the confidence to lead a more fulfilling life.

Volunteer Now’s befriending scheme is funded by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. The Trust was recently awarded the Funder/ Commissioner National Recognition Award by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation. Vivienne Dunlop, a volunteer who has been befriending an older person for nearly twenty years, was awarded the ‘Befriender Recognition Award’ for Northern Ireland.  These awards recognised the impact that befriending schemes can have; our volunteers can help to improve an older person’s quality of life and mental health.

Belfast Befriending Network (50+)

The Belfast Befriending Network (50+), co-ordinated by Volunteer Now, was launched in November 2011. The purpose of the network is to share good practice, support, strengthen and build capacity of volunteer-involving organisations providing, or wishing to establish, befriending services for older people (50+) in the Belfast area to ensure quality and sustainability of services.

Directory of Befriending Services (50+)

This publication has been produced by Volunteer Now in collaboration with the Befriending Network (50+). This directory is a tool for health professionals, organisations, families and individuals when looking for support services for vulnerable people in our community or their care.

Download the Befriending Services Directory

For more information on the above, please contact victoria.o'neill@volunteernow.co.uk or telephone 028 9023 2020.