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Over 50s Volunteering

In the next five decades the Northern Ireland population will age faster than any other part of the UK.  Whilst this will present challenges to some service providers in Northern Ireland, it will provide a growing pool of experienced and often highly skilled potential volunteers.  Volunteer involving organisations should see this demographic shift as a challenge to position themselves to appeal to this ageing population. 

Volunteer Now provides support to organisations to increase their knowledge and expertise in recruiting more older volunteers through it’s Unlocking Potential Project.

Unlocking Potential is three years into a five year project funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies.  Delivery of the project is supported by the North West Volunteer Centre.

The main objectives of the project are to:-

  1. To challenge attitudes and raise awareness of the contribution and benefits of volunteering.
  2. To increase the number of older volunteers.
  3. To improve access to and develop volunteer opportunities for older people that meet their expectations and positively impact on communities.
  4. To enhance older people's quality of life in relation to equality, social inclusion, support and health issues.

In the pages in this section you can find out more about the support available from the Unlocking Potential Project for organisations such as good practice resources and training opportunities.  The project can also provide opportunities to promote your organisation, it’s volunteer opportunities to older people through cases studies and news letters as well as partnership initiatives that enable people aged 50+ to have a go at volunteering to see if it’s for them.