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Timebank: generates community spirit

Timebank logoTime Banking is a community development model being promoted in Northern Ireland which has elements of what know as formal and informal volunteering.


The guiding principles of time banking are reciprocity and equity. In other words, Time Banking can enable people to offer their time, skills and experience to others, and in equal measure receive help from them.


Members of a Time Bank accrue time credits when they give their time to another member of the Time Bank. For every hour of time a member gives by providing a service to another member, they receive one time credit, in return. They can then exchange this credit for any other member’s time. Time Banks are particularly successful in communities which have weak social ties.


--> Click here to find out more about starting a Timebank in Northern Ireland and how Volunteer Now can support you to bring this idea to life.



A Timebank in Belfast: The Lighthouse Centre, listen the testimonies of its members...