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Youth Volunteering

Volunteer involving organisations have a vital role to play in encouraging young people to volunteer, ensuring that they have a positive volunteering experience and benefit from the skills and experiences that they can bring to the work that you undertake. The Volunteer Now Youth Team is here to help you carry out this vital role - some of the support we offer includes:

  • Volunteer Now can provide your organisation with the support and training to ensure that your organisation can effectively recruit, support and develop young volunteers so that it is mutually beneficial. As well as general training open to all those who work with volunteers, our one day Essential Volunteer Management for Youth Workers workshop has been developed in particular for staff and volunteers who work with young people. The session provides the opportunity to explore and share good practise, network with other volunteers and professionals working with young volunteers and develop an action plan to move your management of young volunteers forward.

    You can find all information about our courses in the Training and Support section of our website.

  • The Youth Team also helps support organisations to deliver the Millennium Volunteers and GoldMark programmes, allowing them to recognise the commitment and contribution that young people make to their organisations. See here for more information about how you can become involved with our Millennium Volunteers programme.

  • As a result of research undertaken through the Young Life and Times survey 2009 young people stated that they would volunteer more if they were asked. So, if you would like to encourage more young people to volunteer you can register your opportunities on this website or contact us for help in creating the right roles to attract young volunteers.

If you have any questions about the work we do or would like to avail of some of the support we offer to organisations with young volunteers (14-30) contact the Youth Team.