Volunteer Now - Policy and Public Engagement

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Policy and Public Engagement

Volunteer Now is committed to seeking the views of Volunteer Involving Organisations in relation to policy which impacts on volunteering. We do this through the following activities:-

  • Offering an information and policy service to Volunteer Involving Organisations. 
  • Providing a source of support, information and guidance to the volunteering infrastructure.
  • Monitoring the policy environment with regards to volunteering.
  • Reacting to support and information needs as they arise.
  • Engaging policy makers on key issues regarding volunteering, including key objectives set out in the Volunteering Strategy.
  • Communicating key policy messages in relation to volunteering in Northern Ireland.
  • Producing user friendly, up to date and relevant practice publications in volunteer management i.e. information sheets and checklists.
  • Reviewing existing volunteering research and undertake new research to inform policy and practice.
  • Delivering training and support on the use of the Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit.

A key way of influencing public policy is by responding to public policy consultations. We are happy to incorporate the views of practioners and volunteers into our responses. You can find a list of consultations which we plan to respond to in the near future. We would love to hear your views!

We are also happy to support organisations to network with each other, you can find out how we do this, in this section.