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The publications section of the website provides a wide range of information to support organisations and individuals who are responsible for managing and organising volunteer effort. The publications are divided into categories which will help you to find the information that you are interested in. The main categories are listed below, with a brief summary of what they include.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups
This section provides information on adult safeguarding and child protection. 

This section includes the ‘Code of Good Governance’, a practical guide on committee matters for groups within the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Volunteer Now responds to public policy consultations which are relevant to volunteering. You can download the most recent consultations responded to in this section. We welcome dialogue and comment from volunteer involving organisations on any of the consultation we respond to. Click here to find out how you can link in with Volunteer Now.

Volunteer Now produces a number of electronic newsletters. This section gives you the option of downloading copies of the most recent editions.

This section includes a wide range of Northern Ireland based research and evaluation reports which offer information on volunteering, including: sports, older people, youth, neighbourhood renewal, minority ethnic groups, mentoring and management committees.  

Measuring Impact
This section provides a list of reports which have been produced using the Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit and the Volunteer Investment to Value Audit. These are customisable tools which support organisations to effectively measure and evidence the difference that volunteering is making.

Volunteer Management Best Practice
This section includes guidance in the form of information sheets and best practice checklists on the full range of issues around volunteer involvement.

Practice Toolkits

This section provides specific good practice guide books on a particular type of volunteering i.e. arts volunteering, befriending. In one document, guidance around the planning for, recruitment/ selection, support / management and training of volunteers will be included.

As Good As They Give Workbook Volunteer Management Workbooks

From the links below you can download the recently reviewed As Good As the Give Volunteer Management Workbooks series.


Briefing Papers

This section offers a series of short papers which focus on topical policy and practice issues of relevance to volunteering.

Information for Volunteers

People who have an interest in volunteering can download an information leaflet which will help you to understand what volunteering is and how to get started. Publications are available in English, Cantonese, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Urdu.

To view all our publications click here.