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Keeping Children Safe

Does your organisation work with children and/or young people?  Are you aware of your legal and moral responsibilities to keep children safe?  Do you want to ensure your practice is current and up to standard?  Then we have a range of certificated courses designed to meet the safeguarding children training needs of your organisation!


Volunteer Now provides information and training on all areas of safeguarding children through the Our Duty to Care (ODTC) project which is supported by the Department of Health.  Established in 1996, the project has experience in the design and delivery of training, as well as the development of information, guidance and standards.  Developed by the ODTC team and delivered by skilled, accredited trainers, Keeping Children Safe training is a unique suite of modules which gives participants the opportunity to explore the current, relevant issues in safeguarding children including legislation, statistics and good practice.  Participants will learn through a variety of methods including presentation, group work, scenarios and case studies.


Keeping Safe Initiatives

In addition to Keeping Children Safe training delivered by the ODTC team, Keeping Children Safe training is also delivered through a number of Keeping Safe Initiatives.  These are partnerships of key voluntary, community, statutory and public sector organisations in a specific geographic area, which all have a remit and responsibility for safeguarding children and training, and which have been set up to meet the increasing demand for training on good practice in safeguarding children and young people.

Within each Keeping Safe Initiative there are teams of trainers who have been trained and assessed by the ODTC team and supported to gain accreditation through Open College Network to deliver Keeping Children Safe training. 

They are managed, supported and quality assured by a Co-ordinator to provide free, accessible Keeping Children Safe training programmes in their area.  There are two Keeping Safe Initiatives in Northern Ireland - Belfast Trust and South East Trust.  To contact the Keeping Safe Initiative in your area click here.


Keeping Children and Adults Safe: Safeguarding Policy support service

We can help you to develop your safeguarding policy, procedures and guidelines against the recognised standards of best practice. You will also receive an action plan and information which will guide you on how to develop your policy.

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