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Setting Up A Timebank

This is a 2.5 hour training session for those who have an interest in developing a Timebank. A Timebank is a new and exciting way for people to come together to help others and help themselves at the same time. Participants 'deposit' their time in a bank by giving practical help and support to others and are able to 'withdraw' their time when they need something done themselves.

The overall aim of the session will be to give participants the confidence to start up a Timebank.

The session will include:

  • the basics of Timebanking and its core values;
  • project development;
  • recruiting Timebank members;
  • developing partnerships and projects;
  • management structures;
  • making and recording exchanges;
  • legal requirements and insurance; and
  • future support and training.

Click here to find out more about Timebanking in Northern Ireland.

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