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It's really exciting to be part of a new charity

I have been retired since December 2010. I was the vice principal of a primary school. My work life was so structured. As a teacher you live your life ‘by the bell’. Coming up to retirement everyone was asking, ‘What are you going to do? How are you going to put in your day?’ I think I always thought that volunteering would help to maintain some sort of structure in my life. 

I have a real passion for food and cooking so the volunteer opportunity with FareShare really appealed to me.  FareShare is about distributing good quality food to vulnerable families and homeless people, ensuring that surplus food does not go to waste or landfill.

There are so many different ways to get involved with FareShare. I drive the van to pick food up from suppliers and deliver food. I also work in the warehouse and make up accounts for what food comes in and goes out. The more I do the more I want to do.

It is really exciting to be part of a new charity; to be part of something at the beginning and see it develop is very motivating. The two basic needs in life are food and shelter. Being involved in this project allows me to provide one of these needs to vulnerable people and therefore make a real difference to people’s lives. When my wife asks me how I feel at the end of a shift, I say ‘I feel good’, and I really mean that. Being a volunteer with FareShare means that I am part of a different world and meet people that I would never had met before.

You don’t have to commit your life to volunteering, but variety is the spice of life and volunteering helps to bring that variety into your life. Volunteering helps me feel fulfilled.”

Ian Grimason

For more information about volunteering with FareShare contact Declan McKillop on 028 9033 2230 or email Declan.mckillop@fareshare-ioi.eu

For more information about volunteering for people 50+ contact Helen on 028 9020 0850 or email helen.connolly@volunteernow.co.uk