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A Chance to Help Your Community

I began volunteering in 2008 and currently volunteer at Gortatole Outdoor Education Centre. I regularly volunteer there every Summer and have achieved my MV 200 Hours Award.

I was inspired to get involved as I enjoy helping others, learning from people, gaining new experiences, gaining responsibility and participating in group work whilst achieving together.

My volunteering would involve devoting my personal time to help others and always remaining committed and enthusiastic. I believe that good communication skills, time management, leadership and team working are essential for my volunteering role. The ability to prioritize is important along with having a kind and caring personality and the ability to show human compassion.

Meeting new people and being placed in new settings are some of the aspects I enjoy the most about volunteering. I also thrive upon new challenges and the opportunity to help others. One experience that springs to mind was visiting Ethiopia with ‘Projects Abroad’, that was an excellent opportunity.

I would encourage others to volunteer as it is a great chance to help the community, to work in a team setting and gain life skills. This experience is awarded and recognized in the community and even University. You also get the satisfaction of personal achievement and benefiting others.

- Niamh Isidore