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Involved in something cool !

Andrew is a volunteer with T13 urban shared cultural space in Titanic Quarter.

As a BMXer and skateboarder I came to T13 on a regular basis and thought what the guys were doing was amazing.   I could see the change in peoples lives and this really got me wanting to get involved and be part of a team that has a passion for urban sports.  I’ve always been into the urban sports scene and dreamt of being involved in something as cool as this.   I already knew most of the team and I finally worked up the courage to ask if I could lend a hand so they took me under their wing and got me involved as a volunteer.   My role involves coaching, park operations, digital production, tour show operations and team supervision.

I volunteer every day as I am currently unemployed but I feel that I am using this time well as I am gathering valuable skills and experience to help me create a career path. Volunteering has given me the confidence and support I needed to come out of my shell and be myself around colleagues and the general public. It has allowed me to work within a team as well as on my own and to interact with people of all ages and from all communities and backgrounds.

I would definitely encourage others to get involved as a lot of jobs require experience and volunteering is a brilliant way of gaining skills that could possibly lead to employment - it also looks great on your CV!