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You'll be surprised at how enjoyable volunteering is!

My name is Eoin Trainor, I am 15 years old and volunteer at Barnardo’s in Gilnarik. I only started volunteering there about a month ago but I am already beginning to really enjoy it.

I am currently doing my Duke of Edinburgh.  The reason why I went to Barnardo’s goes back all the way to when I was ten years old. My brother has autism and went to a Saturday Club in Saintfield for children with the same condition.  I went as well to help out the leaders. After I left the club I decided to look for other volunteer work.

I went to Barnardo’s because I had experience with another club similar to it as well as experience with my own siblings. Although I have only been there for a month I have really settled in, everyone there is really nice.   There is another volunteer the same age as me who is also doing his Duke of Edinburgh which made me feel more comfortable on the first day!  I have now met loads of new people.

There is no doubt that volunteering can take up some of your free time, possibly making you miss days out with your friends now and again. But the good thing about volunteering is, you can choose the place and times that will suit you, so you don’t have to give up every aspect of your social life.  

I really get a lot of satisfaction out of volunteering. You get so much more out of it than what you put into it. If you find some volunteer work that you are interested in it can be great fun. To anyone who is thinking about volunteering I would say just go for it, you will be surprised how enjoyable it really is. J

Eoin Trainor.