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Gretta is our Local Hero!

Gretta Riddell from Carryduff has been active volunteer befriender with Bryson Charitable Group for almost two years now in fact, it was a poster in our local dentist surgery which spurred her on to apply for her forth volunteering role!

Gretta enquired about joining the volunteer befriending team of Bryson Care in October 2010, and has been visiting a older lady in Lisburn ever since. Each week Gretta makes the journey to see Florence and together they go shopping, out for coffee or on the odd occasions to appointments at a Belfast hospital. Gretta is reimbursed for any mileage she does in her own car whilst volunteering therefore she has no expense, other than giving freely of her time. Having completed the 10 hour training and induction programme, Gretta hasn’t looked back. Her client (aged eighty plus) has macular degeneration, and seldom gets visits from her family. She is therefore really appreciative of Gretta’s friendship and support.

“They have become great friends” Valerie Robinson, Bryson Charitable Group said “it is really quite an exceptional match... but that’s not down to me - it’s due to Gretta’s wonderful personality. Florence has told me that she finds her easy to talk to,  a great listener, very patient, always considerate and respectful, most  accommodating and such good fun!” That’s quite a glowing description, but I must tell you that I agree with every word!!