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Volunteering with The Link Family and Community Centre

I was inspired to get out and meet new people as well as helping people who need it and thatís what attracted me to the Link Family and Community Centre.

I volunteer two mornings a week and am the first face people see when they come into the Link. I greet people at the door, take donations, liaise with the furniture shop and, most of all, offer a listening ear to people who come in.

It’s good to have patience and be willing to help - sometimes a friendly face and a cup of tea to make all the difference to someone’s day.

The benefit of meeting new people, the satisfaction felt of being there for someone, showing them all hope was not lost and trying to ensure they go home feeling better all make the experience more worthwhile for me.

I would encourage others to volunteer as I have found it very rewarding to contribute. Just by coming out of the house and sharing my time to help others gives a feeling of achievement. The highlight of my volunteering has been the centre itself; we are like a family here; it is a great organisation to be involved in.

Clare Byers - The Link Family and Community Centre