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You get to see the best in people

I work as an Account Manager for Teenage Cancer Trust and I knew that, although well known in Great Britain, the charity’s profile in Northern Ireland was quite low. I decided to do some extra volunteer fundraising myself and to help raise awareness; I have personal experience of the brilliant help and support that they provide as well as being an employee.

I have a background in music promotion so I decided to organise a ‘Flashmob’ in Belfast Central Station. With the support of Translink, QUB Archeology Society and a local choreographer it was put together to take place at the busiest time at central Station! 30 people took part in the mob and we danced to a Blues Brothers Medley. It was a brilliant event and really helped to raise awareness for the next stage of my role- a fundraising concert.

On 18 April I put on a gig in the Empire with four bands where we performed the flash mob again to 300 people and raised nearly £2,000. The highlight of the whole experience was getting the total in for the money raised and realizing that you really get to see the best in people when they are helping out something important and the impact that it can make.

Helping to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust is invaluable - I would say to anyone that is thinking about trying volunteering to go with something you love; you’ll never want to stop!

Fionnuala Dempsey