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Volunteering Provides Great Opportunities

Dreamscheme Castlereagh works with younger people in the community by encouraging them to perform roles that benefit their area in exchange for day trips and activities.

I first got involved in Dreamscheme by being a member of the NI Youth Forum - we were approached to do a work placement there which I loved so much I decided to stay involved as a volunteer. I am a Leader in Training which means that I supervise the young people when they are doing their activities as well as helping out in practical ways. The role is also really about getting to know the young people and building a relationship with them. You’re not just a leader - you get to enjoy all the really fun activities and the best part about it is meeting lots of new people and spending time with them.

I’m a people person and I love having new experiences so this role is perfect for me. The residentials are always the highlight of the role as it gives you a chance to get to know people better. The young people get to do things like hide graffiti by painting murals; it’s brilliant as it really gives them a sense of identity in their area and they get great recognition. We also organize older peoples dinners and do litter picks and cross community work.

I would encourage everyone to get involved in volunteering it provides great opportunities; just be confident in yourself and take part.

Brent Simpson