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Go for it, you won’t regret it!

Joanne McAuley volunteers at Lakeland Youth Centre in Enniskillen

"I enjoy working with the young people at Lakeland Youth Centre in Enniskillen. My volunteering involves working with young people on activities for personal and social development. Everything from chatting to taking money for the tuck shop! Skills involved in my role include being friendly and outgoing, being a good listener, being organised and patient and above all – an excellent sense of humour!

I enjoy getting to know the young people and seeing them grow as individuals. I love seeing the enjoyment they get out of the activities and trips and the opportunities they get to showcase their talents. I don’t have one particular highlight- I’m really enjoying every experience and every night is different.

I couldn’t recommend volunteering highly enough. The training adds to your skills and to your CV! The experience of meeting creative and highly motivated individuals in a field you are interested in is invaluable. My advice is to do it - go for it, you won’t regret it!"