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Everyone gets something from volunteering

I lost my hearing at a young age and no one is sure if I lost it as a result of measles or I was born with it.

I was born and lived in a very rural area and went to a small school and it wasn’t noticed until I was in my early teens. I have worked in retail all my life and it was sometimes very difficult because of the noise and not hearing what people were saying. Thankfully I am still working.

I became involved with RNID now Action on Hearing loss when I was talking to another person who was volunteering with the charity. I told the person that because others saw me wearing hearing aids they asked me for help with theirs. The lady asked me if I would consider joining the charity, so after a lot of thought I did and I haven’t looked back.

I am a Hearing Aid Support Volunteer and a Befriending Volunteer. I support people who are new to wearing hearing aids and help them to get the best use out of them for example changing the tubing, showing how to maintain and clean the aids. As a befriender I visit a lady who wears a hearing aid and who lives alone.  I see her every fortnight and we have a chat and I make us both a cup of tea.

Sometimes doing a small adjustment like cleaning the ear mould or changing the tubing or just making sure the mould is in the ear properly makes all the difference to the person. You feel that you have done something which makes life more pleasant for them and enabled them to take part in conversations and the life that is going on around them.

The friendships I have made with the other volunteers and people have been great. Being involved with the charity has given me confidence in myself. Knowing that I can help other people who have a hearing loss and that I am doing something worthwhile has been very important to me.

To anyone who is thinking about volunteering I would say go for it because in my experience everyone gets something from it.

- Maura Cox

Action on Hearing Loss
Maura is a long standing and loyal volunteer with Action on Hearing Loss. She has been involved in the following volunteer roles: Hearing Aid Support, Information Outreach and as a Befriender.

As a hearing Aid Support volunteer she gives hearing aid users practical and moral support through home visits or at H2H clinics.

As an Information Outreach volunteer she attends outreach events and provides information on deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus to deaf and hard of hearing people, their families and the wider professional community.

As a befriender Maura offers friendship and support activities to deaf and hard of hearing people in either their own home or at the hard of hearing club.

Maura is an open minded, friendly and compassionate volunteer. She is very aware of the issues affecting deaf and hard of hearing people. Maura is always ready to help others and has built up a relationship of trust not only with clients but also with other volunteers. Maura agreed to become a mystery shopper for AdaptNI. She reported back her findings to the Access Forum who then asked her join their group. Maura often acts as a mentor for new volunteers, taking them with her on home visits and guiding them at outreach events. She is a great ambassador for Action on Hearing Loss.