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Jonathan Clark

Jonathan does photography in and around the WWT Castle Espie Wetland Centre, he has been volunteering at least once a week since May 2015

What inspired you to get involved?

Photograph has been a hobby of mine for many years, since I had left work volunteering as a photographer was an ideal opportunity for me!

What attracted you to the role?

Meeting and working with new people. Having access to a beautiful location and having someone benefit from the photographs I take there.

What skills or qualities are required for your volunteering role and what do you enjoy most about volunteering?

For this you need to be able to capture a good shot. I really enjoy and find it a privilege to have access to the reserve at WWT Castle Espie. It is a beautiful location, whatever the weather. The staff and other volunteers are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to assit- I've learned a lot since I started. Also, you never know what you'll be involved in next. There's always something interesting happening.

Why would you encourage others to get involved?

The WWT offer a range of diverse volunteering opportunities; there's something to interest everyone.

What has been the highlight of your volunteering experience?

Being able to watch Brent goslings hatch in the duckery, a thoroughly rewarding experience!

What advice would you give someone starting to volunteer?

Spend as much time as you can at the centre. Get to know the staff and others volunteers. Keep your eyes and ears open- there's always something new to learn.