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Frank McCourt - FareShare

Frank has been volunteering with FareShare since 2012. Here's his story ...

"What does Fareshare mean to me, since I started working there in the spring of 2012, it has been a privilege to be able to share my spare time doing something that’s been very worth while.  Also made me far more aware on why so many people depend on the necessary goodness of others.

Working with the staff and other volunteers in the Belfast Fareshare depot, collecting excess food from suppliers & food distribution centres, to be sorted and despatch to those in need. It has made me more aware on the massive wastage of food within the N. Ireland area.

Just to see the delight on the faces of those in receipt of the food and the gratitude of thanks that comes from them is enough satisfaction that working as a volunteer is rewarding enough.

Lets hope that Fareshare can carry on do the good work and make a great difference in the lives of those in need within our community."