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Emilie Massard

Emilie is an EVS Communications Volunteer at Ulster Wildlife and here is her story...

I have been volunteering at Ulster Wildlife for eight months now. When I arrived in Northern Ireland I knew I would have to adapt to a new culture and work environment, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly that I felt at ease very rapidly! I enjoy the atmosphere of working in an open plan office, and it is fantastic to be working with people who are so passionate about their work for wildlife.

My main role within the organisation is to help spread the word about our work for nature by promoting events and activities. I also get to dip my toe into other aspects of the charity’s work, such as helping with practical conservation tasks on our nature reserves across Northern Ireland, supporting membership promotion, and assisting staff at various community engagement events. Everything I do is very interesting and I love that I keep on learning new things!

Ulster Wildlife currently has 4 EVS volunteers, and volunteers for 2017 have already been selected so there are no placements available here until 2018.