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Bridget Murphy Balmoral Show 2017 Show Guide (Results Volunteer)

This was my fourth year volunteering at the Balmoral Show, having attended as a visitor at the Kings Hall over the years. My first experience of volunteering with Volunteer Now was at the Balmoral Show, coming from a farming background I loved the idea of working with animals and combining that with the customer service aspect which I carry out in my current job on a day to day basis.

My main role this year was to collect the results from the various events, i.e., cattle and sheep judging, Show jumping, sheep shearing, etc, and to deliver these back to the Media Centre for input by the staff there. Collection of these results through the day means that the staff members are not inundated with results at the end of the day and also that the results can be accessed online more quickly by competitors who perhaps need that information to register for a future competition.

I love volunteering, it is something that I did as a teenager at school and although I have done bits and pieces over the years it's really good to be working with Volunteer Now and having access to so many opportunities through the one website. It's good to get away from work sometimes and to feel useful and to be a part of something interesting and fun. Only when I started volunteering properly did it open my eyes to how dependent so many organisations and groups are on volunteers to allow their events to run. Volunteers are vital to so many events and organisations in so many ways, everyone doing a wee bit would make such a difference.

Having had a Fitbit purchased for me last November my stint at the Balmoral Show took on a bit of a personal target for me through that week. I was interested to see how many steps I had taken and how far I walked over the four days - I achieved my best total of the year so far over the four days of the Show! My total stands at 104,788 steps and 43.77 miles for the four days, that will be my target to beat next year!!