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Match Me

Matching your talents and skills to organisations who could benefit from your volunteering.

Haven’t found what you are looking for?
If you are interested in volunteering but haven’t found something that quite matches what you have to offer you can advertise your talents or skills here so that volunteer involving organisations can read about you and match you to an opportunity with their organisation.


Here is how 'Match Me' works

1.      Tell us about the skills or talents that you would like to share, where and when you are available. 
Email opportunities@volunteernow.co.uk or call Outreach Support on 028 9023 2020.

2.      We will have a look on our database for opportunities but if we don't find anything suitable we will then post information on your talents and skills excluding your personal details.
Volunteer involving organisations can read about what you would like to do and then express an interest in you.  We will endeavour to get you matched with an organisation who will benefit from your talent/skills.

3.      We will contact you about organisations who are interested in your offer who would like you to volunteer with them.
You decide which opportunity best matches what you want to do.  We’ll pass on the details of the organisations whom you can contact to discuss the opportunity and make arrangements so you can start volunteering.

Could Your Organisation Benefit  from a Match Me Volunteer?
If you think your organisation might benefit from someone listed in Match Me Postings, contact the relevant Community Engagement Officer.