Volunteer Now - Other Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

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Other Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

One Good Reason

Social Enterprise

There are many other ways to use your skills and experience to make a difference in your local community.  People from older age groups have built up a huge amount of skills and experience whether during their careers or simply through life experience.

As well as volunteering formally with organisations there are a variety of ways that people can utilise this experience to be leaders in their communities. 

Social enterprise offers the opportunity for people to fill a gap that may exist in their local community whilst at the same time providing opportunities for others that may not otherwise be there. Unltd’s Ignite programme provides support to prospective social entrepreneurs aged over 50.  To view a short film about a local social entrepreneur click on the image below or to find out more information about support for social enterprise locally please click here to visit the website of Unltd.

Unltd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs, are inviting applications for their autumn Ignite Awards (Click here to download). The awards are open to social entrepreneurs aged 50+ with funding available up to 15,000.




Time Banking

Although invented in the 1970s Time Banking is a relatively new concept to Northern Ireland.  Time Banking encourages groups of neighbours or friends to come together and support each other.  For instance an individual may perform a task for a neighbour who is unable to carry it out, such as cutting their grass, this individual then receives a ‘time credit’ which they can use to receive support from another member of the Time Bank such as an hours ironing.  For more information on Time Banking and how to get started click here.