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The Friday Folk Mobile Session

Crossgar’s The Friday Folk  Donate 58 Hours Through Mobile Volunteering

The Friday Folk

Crossgar’s senior citizen’s group, The Friday Folk, have donated 58 hours of voluntary activity during one of their club meetings by taking part in a mobile volunteering opportunity to help Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful (formerly Tidy NI) .  The session was organised by Volunteer Now’s Unlocking Potential team.

Volunteer Now’s Fidelma Glass said, “Since 2008, the Unlocking Potential project has focussed on increasing the likelihood of people from older age groups (including 50+) becoming involved in volunteering.  Mobile volunteering has stemmed from our conversations and research with older people which highlighted that although they often wanted to volunteer, not everyone had the time or wanted to make a long term commitment to an organisation.  Mobile volunteering simply means that we bring the volunteering activity to the older people’s group so they can take part in a time and venue that suits them.  The big plus is that they get to enjoy all the benefits of volunteering – socialising, hearing about other organisations in the wider community and taking part in something interesting.  Activities benefit a whole range of charities who need the help of volunteers throughout the year.

She added, “ The Friday Folk are very active in the community.  The ladies knit baby clothes for children in developing countries, collect for different charities and look out for each other, visiting or calling members who are unable to attend every week.  They  were more than willing to volunteer their time and are to be congratulated on the super time donation  they made by preparing packs for participants getting involved in The Big Spring Clean anti littering campaign for Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful. 

Eileen McCormick, club organiser said, “We are delighted to volunteer in this way.  There was a real buzz of activity as we got organised to fill the packs.  Everyone in the group strongly dislikes littering so we were pleased to be able to contribute to the campaign which is helping to raise awareness of this blight in our community.   

She added, “The Friday Folk, which are 20 years on the go,  meet every Friday in Tobar Mhuire at 10.30 – everyone is welcome to come along .  We organise different activities and invite people give us talks on a range of subjects so there is always something happening that is sure to be of interest to new members.  We start all our meetings with a good cup of tea and a scone and a bit of a chat – it’s very sociable and a great way to keep connected to other older people in Crossgar and the surrounding areas.

 For further information on taking part in a mobile volunteering session, contact Fidelma Glass at Volunteer Now on 028 9023 2020 or email fidelma.glass@volunteernow.co.uk  If you would like to find out about The Big Spring Clean visit www.thebigspringcleanni.org