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  • Liz Fleming with Habitat for Humanity: Retired pharmacist Liz (originally from Scotland) enjoys building work with Habitat for Humanity! (read more)
  • Jackson Tinto with Lagan Valley Regional Park: I was born in Belfast. In my working life I was a quantity surveyor, so my work was very office bound, nothing like the stuff I do now. I knew when I retired that I wanted to something completely different (read more)
  • Mairead O'Halloran - Young Enterprise: Retired teacher Mairead on how her teaching skills are put to good use through exciting Young Enterprise programmes. (read more)
  • Alison Stuart: Friends of the Zoo: Back in July last year, Alison Stuart took part in a One Good Reason taster session in the Belfast Zoo (read more)
  • Davey Hamilton with The Junction: After retiring from work due to ill-health, I didn't fancy sitting around doing nothing, so I actually started off doing a bit of cleaning in the premises next door to where I volunteer now, as a way of keeping myself busy (read more)
  • Raymond & Marie McGinn have been long term volunteers for the MS Society in the Foyle Area. We became involved in volunteering for the MS Society in 1973 by partaking in the annual street to street collection (read more)
  • Mildred Garfield, former Mayor of Derry is no stranger to volunteering! I am most active as a volunteer with the Caw Nelson Drive Action Group, but I'm also a board member for Foyle Women's Information Network and the Londonderry YMCA amongst other roles, I enjoy the banter and craic of other people, it helps me keep in touch with what is going on in the community and provides me with the chance to mix with other communities (read more)
  • Bertha Hewitt enjoys volunteering for the Stroke Association: My name is Bertha Hewitt, I am 76 years old, and I have worked in the industrial catering industry most of my life. I have two children and four grandchildren. My interests include travelling and caravaning along with my late husband Bob, who was involved in motorcycle road racing sport and travelled the world as the Irish representative on the international body. read more