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Davey Hamilton - The Junction

After retiring from work due to ill-health I didn't fancy sitting around doing nothing, so I actually volunteered started off doing a bit of Davey Hamiltoncleaning in the premises next door to where I volunteer now, as a way of keeping myself busy. I have had a series of health issues and operations, but I'm not used to being idle, and getting involved in a voluntary role was perfect. Maureen from The Junction approached me and asked if I would consider volunteering for her, to do a little bit of care-taking, that was eight years ago!

I do a wee bit of everything, although my main role is in a caretaking capacity, I can cope with admin roles on reception, set-up the conference rooms for meeting & events and I make the tea & coffee.

Because of the nature of the work and events that are ongoing at The Junction, you get to meet a huge range of people and I really enjoy this side of it, plus I just enjoy having something useful to do with my time and my day.

Volunteering is a good way to keep yourself active whilst you still can and even though I've had various different operations, I like to carry-on regardless because it does keep you active!