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Mildred Garfield - Caw Nelson Drive Action Group

Mildred GarfieldI am most active as a volunteer with the Caw Nelson Drive Action Group, but I'm also a Board member for Foyle Women's Information Network and the Londonderry YMCA amongst other roles, I enjoy the banter and craic of other people, it helps me keep in tounch with what is going on in the community and provides me with the chance to mix with other communities.

Get up and join a community group, or at least support something (an event, fundraiser) being organised in you community, this is a great way of becoming involved irrespective of the personalities. From experience, I know how volunteering has benefited those in my own community, by keeping them active and giving them a purpose, people feel physically and mentally better! Think about getting involved with a Church group. Take the first step and the world is your oyster.